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The Practice of a Common Cause

APT like Neoism as minus the superfluous middle which would digustingly make it ART. APT as APT. APT as apartment: a space again skipping the ART intermediate of performance spaces as buffer between public & performer's private life, the Peking Poolroom as Kiki Bonbon's APT.

The APT festivals are usually one week events with various activities such as conferences and performances, but the main purpose of these friendship gatherings, drills, habitation manoeuvres is to create a simple and comfortable situation for personal meetings between the concerned collaborators.

The APT fests are neither "performance art" nor "installation" festivals.

The APT fests are the "fêtes mobiles" of the Neoist Network Web.

The First International Apartment Festival (APT 80)

occured in Sept 1980, at "No-Galero" in Montreal with the participation of Monty Cantsin, Lion Lazer, Niels Lomholt, Alain Snyers, Reinhardt U. Sevol, Napoléon Moffat, Kiki Bonbon.

APT 81

The series continued in febr 1981 in Kiki Bonbon's Peking Poolroom. Several members of the Krononautic Society assisted this event.

The 3rd APT

took place in Baltimore (MD), coordinated by the Krononauts, from may 29 to jun 7, 1981. Among the participants were Richard X., David Zack, Richard Hambleton, Kirby Malone, tENTATIVELY, Marshall Reese, Monty Cantsin, Bonnie Bonell, Sumu Pretzler, Ruth Turner, Dava Presslor, Lisa Mandle, Tom Konyves, Michael Gentile, Tom Diventi and others.


was a "two-city-event" as it started in Toronto and finished in Montreal. The Toronto gathering, "Public Works", was generated by Gordon W., Kent Tate, Gary Shilling. A significant number of Montreal and Baltimore representatives were present. After three days in Toronto, the festival moved to Montreal and continued at the Low Theatre until oct 18, 1981


New York City, March 15-21, 1982, des REFUSES

The Neoist Network's First European Training Camp

Würzburg, West Germany, June 21-27, 1982, Studio 58


Montreal, Feb. 21-27, 1983, Neoist Embassy


Baltimore (MD), Sept. 20-25, 1983, tENTATIVELY's APT


London, England, Spring 1984, N.E.U.


Ponte Nossa, Italy, June 1-7, 1985, ARTESTUDIO Emilio Morandi

APT 10/11

Paris, France & Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1986, N.E.U. art & Pregroperativistic Movement

APT 64

Berlin, Germany, Dec. 1-7, 1986, Artcore Gallery & Stiletto Studios

The One Millionth Neoist Apartment Festival

Lower East Side, New York City, November 1988

APT 63

Paris, France, December 21, 1994-January 1, 1995

Festivals of Plagiarism

"The so-called 'Festival(s) Of Plagiarism' were essentially an outgrowth of the Neoist Apartment Festivals, collective events which themselves plagiarized the Fluxus festivals of a few years before. The primary difference between the Festivals of Plagiarism and the Neoist festivals were the Plagiarists' intention to focus on a single set of ideas; plagiarism and so forth. Plagiarism had been an element of Neoist activity, but Neoist festivals had and have an omnidirectional character and involved an assortment of experimentation and exotica in presentations, politics and habitation. During the 'Festival Of Plagiarism' in London, a repetitive critique of 'ownership' and 'originality' in culture was juxtaposed with collective events, in which a majority of participants did not explicitly agree with the polemics. Many of the participants simply wanted to have their 'aesthetic' and vaguely political artwork exposed, and found the festival a receptive vehicle for doing so."
Karen Eliot
See also: "History Begins Where Life Ends"
Documentation of the "Festivals of Plagiarism" following the London event in Stephen Perkins (ed.), Festival of Plagiarism, San Francisco 1989, available from Plagiarist Press, 221 W. Benton, Iowa City, IA 52246, $3 U.S./$4 overseas

Festival of Plagiarism

London 1988, Jan. 1-27, several locations

Festival of Plagiarism

Madison/Wisconsin 1988, Jan. 29-20, 1988, Wilmar Center

Festival of Plagiarism

San Francisco 1988, Feb. 5-7, Artist's Television Access

Festival of Plagiarism

Braunschweig 1988, June 9-11, Academy of Fine Arts

Fifth International Festival of Plagiarism

Glasgow 1989, Aug. 4-11, Transmission Gallery

Festival of Censorship

Baltimore, 1988

Festival of Non-Participation

Dundee, Scotland 1988