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as of early 1995e.v.

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This bibliography does not include things that I've published myself. There is another bibliography that includes most such things. This bibliography also doesn't include "plagiarisms" of "my" material. Once something that I've "created" enters collective productivity thru "plagiarism" (especially done under such names as Monty Cantsin & Karen Eliot) it's no longer "mine". Curious scholars can find most of these recyclings in SMILE & its variations. Also excluded are "add-to-&-send-on" publications because of my lack of adequate records regarding them. One of these latter that I recall is the "SMILE - EMIL" originating from Mark Pawson in London, England in 1985.

001 self description

002 self description

003 "2 bruc(f) andr(f)ws & t h(f) r(f)ad(f)rs of l=a=n=g=u=a=g=(f)"

004 "review of "duo O accident" cassette by marshall reese & kirby malone"

005 "cover" &/or "TESTING PLEASE RESPOND"

006 collage


008 Artists' Books Exhibition Catalog page

009 a. "prikalkililo ktp" & b. "attempt 2 undermine "reality" maintenance traps ad"


011 report on APT '81 etc..

012 photo from the Seatbelt Violation Public Works Promotion

013 report & photo from the No No Class Umbrella Lesson/Action

014 4 sexist drink coasters from the Tim Ore suit

015 transformed slide

016 2 photos of me & a statement

017 front page newspaper article

018 "Sign each copy of this book with your blood.."

019 the Chicken Movement text

020 front page newspaper article

021 a. "Metaphorical Crab Feast?" & b. "the Chicken Movement"

022 2 photos relevant to Richard's large Dobbshead stencil

023 a. ""BOB" = brain over brawn" stencilled image & b. "Fake Chain Letter"

024 program list for contribution to the Falling Annual Livingroom Video Festspiel 83

025 miscellaneous Tim Ore material

026 photo from t he Poop & Pee Dog Copyright Violation Ceremony

027 a. newspaper article re "Bob",

028 letter

029 a. gold striped bugeleisen image & b. "Stop Normality Before It Stops You" photo

030 "Poop & Pee Dog Copyright Violation Ceremony Report"

031 complaining letter

032 "Widemouth Tapes"

033 "Double Addressee"

034 a. "piss in my mouth & down my throat", b. ads for Widemouth Tapes,

035 a. request note

036 "SIN"

037 2 notes


039 explanation of Monty Cantsin, SMILE, & White Colours

040 "t he 12 symetrically placed accessibility moustaches

041 "Monty Cantsin performing w/ White Colours Transparent SMILE proposal"

042 "DOUBLE TAKES &/or instead of"

043 "relaxing after a stiff modeling AFWIRM day in '76"

044 a. 1/2 of "t he 12 symetrically placed accessibility moustaches


046 "still from: Neoist Guide Dog"

047 "Polaroid Self-Portrait"

048 "Form Love Letter"

049 a. "Circle Haircut" & b. letter

050 "Surreal Estates Interview"

051 letter

052 masturbation photo-collage

053 a. "Balling Tim Ore is Best - the film"

054 "Louis Lingg Scatter-Brainism Fan Club"

055 collage

056 personal ad

057 "Violating Seat-Belt Laws"

058 "Surreal Estates Interview"

059 note

060 complaint letter

061 a. detourned high school propaganda, b. cross-bones tattoo photo, & c. "Glorps"

062 cross-bones tattoo photo

063 1/2 of "Circle Haircut"

064 letter presented by the editor under the heading "Sound Thinking"

065 tattoos photo-collage with text

066 correcting letter

067 "piss in my mouth & down my throat"

068 quote re APT (as in APT Festival)

069 ""Corrected" Dyslexic Variations"

070 "Compliance Technologies Questionnaire"

071 interview

072 Data Cell photo

073 text re my "suicidal" behaviour

074 "C.O.G.S."

075 a. cover & b. "A Neoist Story"

076 "signed C.O.G.S."

077 How to Write a Resumé - Volume II: Making a Good First Impression (1st edition)

078 ""Corrected" Dyslexic Variations"

079 "Confession in Support of the 1990-93 Art Strike"

080a. "Confession in Support of the 1990 - 1993 Art Strike"

& b. "On the Use of "paradox" as a Philosophical "Electric Prod" & emBEDded Ulterior Motives as Trickster of the SubConscious in the Writings of Tim Ore"

081 "bisect a picture w/ a page change"

082 letter re "NORMAL'S"

083 a. letter re "Hearing Double in Lacquerland",

084 "signed C.O.G.S."

085 "Artist Wrecked and Returned"

086 "the Portable Booed Usic Busking Unit /

087"the Portable Booed Usic Busking Unit /

088 excerpt from Widemouth Sampler explanatory text

089 "FISCHER-PRICE PXL-2000 MOVIE FESTIVAL - Call for Submissions"

090 porn collage

091 "FISCHER-PRICE PXL-2000 MOVIE FESTIVAL - Call for Submissions"

092 "Hairballs, Wigs, and Weaves for Skinheads"

093 "Hairballs, Wigs, and Weaves for Skinheads"

094 "FISCHER-PRICE PXL-2000 MOVIE FESTIVAL - Call for Submissions"

095 a. "FISCHER-PRICE PXL-2000 MOVIE FESTIVAL - Call for Submissions",

096 "the "Philosopher's Union Member's Mouthpiece Mega-Project""

097 "New York / BalTimOre Name Exchange Proposal Letter"

098 "Hairballs, Wigs, and Weaves for Skinheads"

099 "the "Philosopher's Union Member's Mouthpiece Mega-Project""

100 "Why be a Wallflower at the Die-A-Thon?"

101 "your horoscope!"

102 ""Vampire of Sacramento" Brought Back from the Dead - TO BE PARDONED!"

103 letter in reaction to reviews

104 a. "Lidznap: Two Ironic Endings" & b. tentatively, a convenience resumé: '69 - '80

105 a. "Melody" & b. dear joe letter explaining 2 minimal tapes


107 "Bookstores: Normals"

108 a. "the Portable Booed Usic Busking Unit /

109 "Puzzle Writing"

110 sarcastic comment

111 brain tattoo photo

112 "Some Social Philosophy"

113 "The Gold Flag of Near Neologisms: The Striped Page"

114 "I've Been Bitten by the Love Bug: HSV-2"

115 excerpt from: A Mere Outline for One Aspect of a Book on Mystery Catalysts,

116 Puzzle Writing

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