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Plagiarism is the soft under-belly of linguistic originary presence. Hovering over all the jabbering and pewling of the legal profession and the professoriate, the self-muted mouth of the divine shrouds itself in the cloud of unknowing. For if mute it is because the word kills as well as creates, that is, embodies complete power which obliterates the puny human ants. We are to believe, says this tale, that speech is being withheld, is thereby being, withheld. This of course provokes volumes; if you refuse to speak, then I seize the microphones of history and swell out in capitalist expansiveness. In this vein, monopoly becomes necessary, from which plagiarism. Your uses of force, my Lord, I emulate. The discourse model of the law equal that of the divine and of knowledge production/transmission itself. Its differential destruction of the social formation is ignored since this affects only the others. The invention of God created real estate.

It would be better to say that no one owns anything, not even a physical body much less a mind or a soul. The monadic personality fragments, dissolves under the negative impact of totalized ownership of the world. Thus courts of law, writs, record books and ledgers, the unfolding and endlessly self-generating quantization that spins through the brains of the population burst into flames. Alter the inevitable violence in the streets, this is the only form of class upheaval with any possibility of success. Afterwards, there is nothing left "knowable" or ownable; and any so-called implications would then merely be those of the enemy's Newtonian/Victorian machine mind which continues to crank and grind regardless of the fact that the people have stood up and walked away, at last.

Harry Polkinhorn

On Plagiarism