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I don't hate myself enough to go on Art Strike
Mark Pawson

The Tight Noose of Elitism

"...as participation becomes more impossible, the second rate specialists of modern art demand the participation of everyone!..."

One...two...three years of strike and you're out. We're very close to having the "true" art strike begin after this judas goat of dis-action, this "art strike," this rampant melee of constipated redefinition has run its course dry! What has the strike brought - a misguided renaming of "artist" into "networkers" and sunday brunches together to be called "congresses" (a term much too republican and austere for yours truly)? And those who would bring IMmediacy to the MEDIA wish only to open the floodgates of alleged "creativity" and swamp out the fields of human consumption with what??? more ART! Oooo... I mean "networking" (another lexical laceration by implying that this "work" has not and will not ever superceed to the arena of "play," the richest mineral of creativity.). The wider a grasp that art strike has reached out for, the tighter its noose of elitism has become! Strikers have found themselves "preaching" and conversing with only the already "converted," kneeling constantly before a throne of ever more "defined" rationalism to try and "sell" an evermore irrational world its purposely empty canvas. As they say in Tibet, "...those who know...mail packages...and those who don't know...are packages"!

Though the train of art strike is way off its course, it's still the only ride around.... Remember, progress is plagiarism - necessity implies it! Until we forget where we're going, we won't know who we are! On with the Abolition of Art!

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