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The Art Strike Archive

"When we declared our intention to organize an Art Strike from January 1st 1990 to January 1st 1993, we fully intended that this proposed inaction should create as many problems as it resolved. The importance of the Art Strike lies not in its feasibility but in the possibilities it opens up for addressing a series of issues: How 'artists' define their identity, how this identity affects the 'artist's' ability to engage with the surrounding culture. The Art Strike is of course a bad idea, because art is a product which, if withheld, can easily be replaced by any other commodity, cars, artificial sex partners and the like. Those who adopt 'art' as a substitute for life will necessarily experience the Art Strike as a form of death. We, however, understand that 'death,' like 'art' and 'individuality,' is nothing but an ideological construct."
Karen Eliot