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"David A. Bannister", a pseudonym of Monty Cantsin

"tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE has in his possession a quasi-document which claims that Monty Cantsin is David A. Bannister. A consultation of the United States' 1980 census will reveal evidence to the effect that David A. Bannister was at the time both a caucasian male aged 24 residing at 1626 N. Calvert St. in Bal Tim Ore and a caucasian male aged 42 residing at 1417 John St. in Cr/ater/Balto. The clearest evidence about Mr. Bannister is that he is a photographer - see, again, Pam Purdy's Art and Soul article - and a concerned citizen of the type who writes letters to the editors of various newspapers. Pernicious evidence is in my possession that Mr. Bannister is actually a group used alias which has been cultivated by certain mysterious activists who use a peculiarly misleading typing and signature style partially to mislead official investigative agencies away from being able to trace the senders of collector's item death threats. Since I believe this latter evidence to be false, I will not submit it to you at this time. It can be, at least, reasonably believed that David A. Bannister likes pizza."
Margarita Correa de Uribe, Counsul de Colombia

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