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Sept 19. 1986 AD
For immediate release

Street Performance Actions Against False Infinity

at Living Propaganda-Experiences
by Monty Cantsin, Angie Brooksby and the Neoist Consulate
With the initiation of a great confusion by the Neoists in New York City, a new and even more reactionary form of revolution is integrated into the mythology of present day misery. The false infinity of dreams accumulated in the past fives way to the confusion of objectivity with humour. The Neoists use the six forms of disorientation to organize their revolutionary ideology: plagerism [sic], multiplication, immortality, severity, love and rationality. In the current world situation, we are confronted by an infinity of paradoxes. The Neoists realize that these paradoxes are the result of the infinity of false binary oppositions which are considered the basis of truth. Our rejection of this infinity becomes our propaganda and the internalization of confusion becomes merely a step towards even greater truth, beauty and perhaps riches for the Neoists themselves. Because irrationality has been recuperated by capitalism and made into a reactionary force, the Neoists unite against this, plan their confusion around rationality.

A series of actions are planned to prepare the world for its total unification and the reintegration of all contexts. The lies of television and the newspapers will become true again in the rotting light of our hatred of contradiction. The Great Confusion and fight against the false infinity begins now.

Joins us. We want war with you. By reading this you have become a Neoist. Freedom is fighting. Anything done in the name of Neoism is Neoism.

Original file name:Against false Infinity