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Monty Cantsin interviewed by Lewis & Dr. Dubord

Post-Anti-Post-Anti-Revolutionary-Activator, Pop Star

Q: If the context is open, why give a name to it - why call it Neoism?

A: It is only our enemies, Anti-Neoists who use this term, we never call ourselves Neoists - we are simply a reaction to Anti-Neoist aggressions.

Q: This idea of total freedom, how do you plan to accomplish this?

A: We discussed this at the last Apartment Festival - on a practical level it will be difficult, we will have to create a huge bureaucracy to organize it, and we need a lot of money. First we are going to start building empty "contextual spaces" to live in, next we will make water transport totally available, but all that is only the very beginning.

Q: Who are your enemies?

A: My enemy is my own ego, since there are now one hundred or more of me, and being tired, I'm always sleeping now.

Q: Are you a prisoner?

A: I am a voluntary prisoner of Akademgorod, which is to say my own body. This context is only momentarily comfortable, that is why I'm making the transition into future history, through propaganda and infiltration of archives, and transcending my limitations through having so many bodies.

Q: What is positive nihilism and how does it relate to Neoism?

A: I don't recognize either term.

A product of Anti-Neoism:Neoism, Hypnotic Movement