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Where does Monty Cantsin stand within Neoism/ Anti-Neoism/ Pregroperativism ?

N.O. Cantsin / Monty Cantsin as a Pregroperativistic phenomenon is neither abstractable nor definable, because Neoistic organisms distinguish themselves from other matter by certain appearances, which are committed to an efficient and untraced connection of cells and in which certain organic plases, high organized creation units, develop the foundation of Akademgorod.

Geographical units, consisting of a cell or of a cell connection, represent or are individual N.O. Cantsins / Monty Cantsins, who can be (depending on the structure of organization) very different from one another and are distinguished during an unlimited period by irreversible change of shape, growth and development.

The searching for Akademgorod as Monty Cantsin is a typical Neoistic/ Anti-Neoistic/ Pregroperativistic expression, which every Neoist/ Anti-Neoist/ Pregroperativist in an active situation will show and where every Neoist/ Anti-Neoist/ Pregroperativist will feed on adopting cells from the environment. These cells (by their specific structure) deliver the energy for the survival of Neoism/ Anti-Neoism/ Pregroperativism.

Pregroperativistic organisms multiply themselves by Neoist reproduction of transmission, aimed or unaimed. By so-called ~~ai~~colls~~ the Monty Cantsin potential will be passed along where certain brain details are in force. Pregroperativistic organisms have an ability to react on the effects and changes of external factors by irritability, in other words: Their reactions are efficient, are adjusted to the specific atmosphere of environment, herewith also belongs the ability of movement.

As long as a sharp definition of the idea-complexity (N.0. Cantsin, Monty Cantsin, Neoism/ Anti-Neoism/ Pregroperativism or whatever) is impossible, the questions = "Who am I?", "Where am I?" and "Where will I go to?" between the beginning and the end cannot be answered clearly.

The substance of Neoism/ Anti-Neoism/ Pregroperativism will survive. This phenomenon is being known as Monty Cantsin's potential immortality.

Monty Cantsin, 1986