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David Zack, a pseudonym of Monty Cantsin

"David is not quite understandable to me. I have the impression that he is a very important (and also very problematic) person, one of those who hold big secrets and inspirations in their pockets as suburban moviegoers do with their popcorn.

When I established contact with David, he had already moved to Mexico and created in Tepoztlan his own Immortality Center. The mail I received from him gave me the impression right from the beginning that he subjected himself to a kind of mysticism whose main instrument resembles the Tibetan praying-wheels the most. However, his wheels are not turned by the wind but by an endless row of unreadably long letters - or more precisely by those non-series and totally nonsensical periodicals which he created by xeroxing these letters, adding something to them, and then pasting them on the copies of other letters."
Géza Perneczky, in: The Magazine Network, Cologne: Soft Geometry Editions, 1993, p. 177-8


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