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A Few Simple Statements about Neoism

(November 6th, 1994EV)


  • Neoism is a mind game.
  • The purpose of the game is to provide stimulus for the players.
  • Playing the game comes naturally to the players.
  • People who aren't sure that they're Neoists aren't Neoists.
  • No-one is a Neoist all the time.
  • Not all mind games are Neoism.
  • The players whose playing stimulates me the most are the players who expand the field of the playing the most. These players avoid common contextualization traps. The following list is completely objective.
                                 People Who May         People Who May
                                 Be in a Nebulous       Think of Neoism 
    Mind Game Players           Area between           as an Avant-garde   
                                 Column 1 & Column 3    Mail Art Movement
    Ackerman, Al                Below, Peter           Baroni, Vittore
    Barnoz, Artemus             Berkoff, Arthur        Blissett, Luther
    Berndt, John                Blissett, Luther       Cantsin, Monty
    Blissett, Luther            Cantsin, Monty         Eliot, Karen
    Bonspiel, Jean-Luc          Cole, David            Higgins, Ed
    Cantsin, Monty              Eliot, Karen           Jankowski, Matty
    Cramer, Florian             Frater Neo             Morandi, Emilio
    Eliot, Karen                Haufen, Graf           Pittore, Carlo
    Home, Stewart               Keane, Michael         Summers, Reverend Paul
    Horobin, Pete               Lomholt, Niels
    Kantor, Istvan              Lord, Alan
    Moffat, Napoleon            Moondog
    Neoist Alliance             Studios, Herr Stiletto
    Renaud, Tristan             Szombathy, Balint
    Sevol, Reinhardt U.         Toth, Gabor
    tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE  Voith, András
    Vidorae, Via                Zack, David
    Wanowitch, Boris
    Zealot, Gordon W.

    Many people have participated in what might be called Neoist events. Many of them may have called themselves Neoists at some time. The above lists primarily include people who have probably either called themselves Neoists or been associated in some substantial way with Neoist events. Many people have been excluded. The people in the 1st column tend to be those that I "know" the best. The people in the other columns might fit in the 1st column if I "knew" them better. Some of the people listed may have never called themselves Neoists &/or may've only participated in a brief phase of Neoist history. Most of them will probably object to being categorized.