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Gordon W. Zealot, pseudonym of Monty Cantsin

"I myself was a monk for five years, and I study the doctoring 'achinkia beta beta tatva' which is a doctoring of simultaneous oneness and difference.

I believe that i am one with god quality but not in quantity. I am not god. There is many Vedic philosophies which believe that what we see around us is categorical, therefore the world is divided into the prisms of name and form. We see the world through this illusory prism.

I wore a brush cut which was died grey and leather breeches and boots. I received a very negative image due to the so-called fascist connotation. So, at that time, my reputation in Toronto was scandalous. And the Neoists with their attitude of perpetuating new scandals only added fuel to that. When Kiki Bonbon found a stray cat and killed it and presented it to the audience at Global Armchair Conference, people were forced to deal with a moral situation. Many people were shocked or outraged, some of them even beating up the performer. So the myth spread once again, and it was what people wanted to believe about Neoism."