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Total Mobile Home Micro Cinema "Theme"

Dear Total Mobile Homos,

It's Friday, November 18th, 1994E.V. & I haven't gotten a tape from you or the moolah w/ wch to ship the "Eternal Present" audio surprise {Watch out you don't get mistaken for a christian! - A quote from Sitney's "Autobiography in Avant-Garde Film" (p 239 of The Avant-Garde Film): "[Landow's] Thank You Jesus for the Eternal Present, which puns on "present" as gift & as time"} - so, I've used a 12 minute loop of my own & made the tape today in the interest of getting it over w/ before it's too late for your upcoming Cinematheque presentation. Unfortunately, I've only got $2 (Canadian) in the bank, & $1 (Canadian) & 2cents (US) in my pockets - meaning until some money comes my way I can't afford to mail it. My phone bill, received today, is more than what I'm trying to live off of per month so things are looking bleak! Of course, if you're reading this, it means I've managed to get the money somehow..

I've tried to structure the loop so that it's divided into sections between 20 seconds long & 1 minute & 10 seconds. Of course, the idea is that people will mainly open the box for durations between these 2 extremes. Since each section (usually) has a different "sound effect/whatever" in it, if each person closes the lid & passes the box along fairly quickly, each person will get a fairly different "sound-track". However, if they leave the lid open longer, the "mood changes" won't seem so abrupt.. - or so it goes in theory at least.. I've used multiple styles & tried to keep it individualistic. I've used a few cultural or subcultural references but perverted them all so that nothing is too trite (hopefully). Starting w/ the "intro" (wch is probably where the tape will be cued when you get it) here's the order:

  :00                           Intro                           
  :30                           Robot March                     
 1:15                           "Apocalypse"                    
                                "Schluss mit Lustig" [the       
                                "End of Humor" in German -      
                                said by Gordon W. Zealot]       
 1:35                           "Hey Baby"                      
 2:00                           Jazzy - MIDIed w/ "uuhhh" &     
 2:45                           Chromatic Cascades - Piano,     
 3:30                           BBC Door (Manipulated) & W/O    
                                Larynx (Manipulated)            
 3:55                           Time Clock w/ BBC Time &        
                                Reintegrated Skipping           
 4:20                           Reintegrated String             
                                Scratching & Auscultation of    
                                the Heart (Manipulated)         
                                + Lost Claws                    
 4:50                           Bernard Hermannesque w/         
                                Suspense! & Lost Claws          
 6:00                           Sentimental                     
 6:45                           Booing & Applause w/ Lost       
 7:30                           "Here we Go!" into w/ Space     
                                "I Can't Believe It!"           
 7:55                           Your Typical Eerie Child Scene  
 8:45                           Japanese MIDIed w/ Fluttering   
                                & Warbling                      
                                [almost sounds like a parody    
                                of Tomita]                      
 9:30                           Japanese w/ Yodel, "Oh, I       
                                See", & Graduated!              
10:15                           Yee-Haaaaa                      
10:40                           Indian                          
11:20                           Bubbling Water                  
11:35                           Miscellaneous Sound Effects     

There you have it! The descriptions are a bit esoteric but you get the idea.. I like y(our) project so much I might just make an "Eternal Present" of my own - as an advertisement for Total Mobile Home Micro Cinema of course. As usual, I hope you love it & send me a response accordingly. Your Pal,


c/o the Funny Farm, RR#4, Markdale, Ontario, N0C 1H0, Caca-Nada