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Monty Cantsin

It means only that Monty Cantsin is an open star with no limits, who can be in a number of places at the same time. Better than Santa Claus because Santa Clauses are the same. They look the same, they do the same things. I never met a Santa Claus with no beard, no red uniform. Red Santa's existence is subject to a short period of time and happiness. Who cares about Santa Claus after Christmas ? And does Santa try to rupture the endless sameness of life ?

I'm not anti-Santa. I am Monty Cantsin.

I have this firm belief that anyone can become and be Monty Cantsin. Each of us has to discover that Monty Cantsin self in an individual, proper way. You have to find your individual Monty Cantsin potential.

Istvan Kantor in The Neoist Book, 1984