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Monty Cantsin

In this age where everything is packaged differently and underneath the packaging everything is the same, the illusion of individuality through the adoption of a unique name is the shortest route to conformity and isolation.

The uniqueness of a name is no different to the uniqueness of a number as the substitution of social security and bank account numbers for names clearly shows. Those who base their individuality on the uniqueness of their name are no more than numbers. It is in Power's interest that each individual has a unique name, thus making them easily identifiable. Without these classifications, Power cannot control because it cannot differentiate, divide and isolate.

A group of us who are sick of the fragmentary world in which we live have all agreed to use a comnon name. This name is Monty Cantsin, and there is no attempt among those who use it to pretend that it is unique to any individual. Far from it, we encourage everybody to use the name Monty Cantsin.

Every action done under the name of Monty Cantsin is a gesture of defiance against the Order of Power and a demonstration that the Neoists are ungovernable. Every action performed under the name Monty Cantsin is a blow for a unitary world and real individuality. An individuality based upon the reality of subjectivity rather than mere appearance.

And of course in a circle of artists, poets and musicians who are seeking to make their names, the adoption of a single name has many obvious advantages. Making your name becomes much easier when you share that name with a large group of performers. The name Monty Cantsin will be seen everywhere because Monty Cantsin is everywhere.

Monty Cantsin is a true individual in a world where real individuality is a crime. He has witnessed the dematerialisation of the art object and knows that the only art work still worth creating is his own life.

Monty Cantsin is the ultimate art product and ultimately we must all become Monty Cantsin. As society has become increasingly drained of real individuality the emphasis in art has shifted increasingly away from the art object and onto the personality of the artist. Monty Cantsin is an artist with such a strong personality that a unique name is unnecessary to his individuality.

Anyone can beconce Monty Cantsin but no one will become Monty Cantsin until they have developed sufficient strength of personality that they are able to function freely in the world of subjectivity away from the bondage of unreality.

Monty Cantsin has developed such a strength that he is no longer subject to the lies of science and can flout them at will. The only thing that can halt him are the limits of his imagination.

If you want to become Monty Cantsin all you have to do is to start using the name and you will prove yourself worthy of it. Anybody can be Monty Cantsin, and after the revolution everybody will be Monty Cantsin.

Monty Cantsin in SMILE 6, Dec. 1984