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  1. Neoism: The Deproduction of Subjectivity
    "I am defined by social relations. "Subjectivity" is an illusion. ..."
    "Every moment of "subjectivity" is one of repression. ..."
    "movement lies the grave of subjectivity: the fragmentation of the ..."
    "self into commodities, into the other. Subjectivity is as limited ..."
  2. Monty Cantsin
    "of subjectivity away from the bondage of unreality...."
  3. Censorship
    ""'Censorship is a more populist form of subjectivity than ..."
  4. Monty Cantsin Interview
    "I made this experience several times, and it simultaneously marked the peak of a crisis. I thereupon acknowledged the importanc..."
  5. Links
    "Collective Subjectivity Research..."
  6. First Manifesto of Neoist Performance
    "tool in the fight for total subjectivity. Under this guise Neoist ..."
  7. Reading for Immortality
    "unproblematic subjectivity for 'men' as desiring subjects and..."
  8. Possible Dogs
    "possible dog in terms of a subjectivity which would be ..."
  9. Proletarian Posturing for a Strike that Never Ends
    "'Censorship is a more populist form of subjec..."
  10. The Strike Within a Strike
    "This problem of instrumental reason is the familiar target of critiques by a whole tradition of European writers from Nietzs..."
  11. Turn off the Lite
    "The A.O.A. sometimes envisions chaos as a cornucopia of continual creation; as a sort of geyser of cosmic generosity; theref..."