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Neoism: The Deproduction of Subjectivity

I am defined by social relations. "Subjectivity" is an illusion. The ego is a cathexis, an ephemeral construct. Every moment of "subjectivity" is one of repression. Every moment of "self-consciousnes" is a limitation on my experimental capacity.

Self-defined is self-denied. "I" am not limited to my "self." Capitalism suppresses me, by creating "individuals." But these "individuals" are defined by what they own, and thus within this repressive movement lies the grave of subjectivity: the fragmentation of the self into commodities, into the other. Subjectivity is as limited as it is limiting, and its triumph will result in its own destruction. Where the id was the ego shall be: in the schizophrenic fluxus of the unconscious.

I am a process with no subject.

Karen Eliot, published in Photostatic no. 35, April 1989, p. 1288