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"Meaning", "Intention" and the Neoist Conspiracy

The historical task of the Neoist Conspiracy is to create a vertical rupture to be filled up with traces.

This process of manipulation will take the form of making a series of ridiculous demands on behalf of Neoism.

Through making these demands, Neoism will achieve a monopoly over the commodities of blood and gold.

Through control of these commodities, Neoism will raise sufficient capital to finance ventures that will further blur the boundaries of Neoist traces.

The blurring of traces will serve to strengthen the Neoist movement and create a tradition that provides stability and peace through strength.

Thus the Neoist Movement stands for the values of honor, courage and international patriotism.

A proper use of myth can only be achieved in the context of a radical objectivity such as the one the Neoist Conspiracy has worked so hard to bring about.

Remember that the success of Neoism is historically inevitable. Our myth will be history.

Stewart Home in SMILE 3, 1984