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Unidentified Object Neoism

Neo-Ism as a false conclusion of Ism in general has finally grown up to mutated climbing plant in the jungle of persiflage's indifference. Bending over the bottomless goblet of Neo-Ism, one can discover a new Ism every day. The roots of this liaison point on a basical paradoxical dilemma. Meanwhile Neo-Ism daily magnifies on a new track of reality until the definite infinity and preserves a spectical view on the daily fuss.

Neo-Ism takes care of permanent altitude flight in the double-mill of post-modern spring balls and industrial jumping sheets by radically believing not to believe. Following the incausal method, the eternal movement means the actual condition factor of Neo-Ism.

In the space of the unprobability, Neo-Ism approaches the all penetrating net with speed of light where cause and effect of neoistical activities are mututally eliminating and reversing themselves. Here Neo-Ism changes into Eon-Ism (or into the eternal trauma?). Neo-Ism is so far no idea at all, but an accumulation of situative points in a cosmopolitical network where Neoists are meeting to construct endless scenarios.

Those elements remaining during this play transport themselves automatically on the galactical puzzle-pile. It is too late to escape. This Black Hole comes closer now. Bon appetit!

Ulli Kattenstroth, April 1986