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However enough of rhetoric,

in this special issue dedicated solely to my own work we've replaced the words Generation Positive with the words Neoism. The two are interchangeable in terms of aesthetics, although in terms of organization, there is a difference.

Neoism means simply that an action, object or text is both "new" and yet part of a discourse. It does not imply that it is original. In this sense, Neoism describes a coincidence of "past" and "future" and consequently abolishes these categories.

Neoists do not believe that the modern obsession with concept of "freedom" is futile. Neoism is not a means to "freedom," but rather seems to prescribe structural sets with the intention of providing the discipline of a combinatorics within the lives of Neoists, hence boundless permutations.

The purpose of Neoism is to construct mnemonic structures on the mental plane and so heuristically reinforce the notion of " culture". Of all values and norms we believe the value of tradition is the greatest and so this is the one we try hardest to reinforce. It is for this reason that we place absolutely no value on originality.

Stewart Home in SMILE 3, 1984