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The Dictionary Method

When you are a Neoist, people frequently ask you the same old questions, "What is Neoism?", "Who is a Neoist?", etc.

And even if you have a lot of brilliant definitions, after a while it becomes boring to reply to the same questions. That's when you should use the dictionary method.

All you need is a dictionary. And when someone asks you, "What is Neoism=", you think of a suitable synonym (say, "a noun"), then look it up in a dictionary and read the entry below that synonym ("nourishing").

You can introduce small changes by asking the interrogator to execute the method. Of course, this method can as well be adapted for television interviews, lectures, discussions, and finally by heart even in everyday speech, or using it for a progressive amount of words and statements.

Istvan Kantor in iMmortal LIES, 1985