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Monty Cantsin isn't a pseudonym.

Monty Cantsin is a real person whose existence became my life around 1976. But this thing is much more complicated because I am not the only Monty Cantsin on earth.

Besides me there are at least as much Monty Cantsins as the population of the World.

There are conscious and unconscious Monty Cantsins. The process to become conscious of our Monty Cantsin self is slow and incalculable. Today there are only a few conscious Monty Cantsins. But remember that only twelve apostles assisted the Last Supper and five members launched the Bolshevik Party.

The moment when someone awakes to the consciousness of Monty Cantsin self is the most exciting episode of life. Of course there are pseudo-Cantsins who only use the name's magic power for their egocentric success.

Istvan Kantor in The Neoist Book, 1984