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Q: Under which circumstances (if any) do you think that a person has the "right" to assume a pseudonym, alias, pen-name or other name not "given" to them by someone else (eg. parent, guardian, friends, police, etc..)?

In order to avoid "legal" process [/prosecution]

As a game, amusement, etc.. [as an amusemental game, as play, etc.]

During ["]sex["] or ["]seduction["]

When ["]running for["] political office

In any circumstance

[During postal correspondence]

When it seems ["]natural["] to do

When it is accidentally done

With old friends

As mischief

When meeting someone for the first time

When the assumption of the name has no effect whatsoever

When making or selling ["one's"] art [, literature, etc.]

When committing crimes

In order to "impersonate" someone

In order to avoid being "impersonated" yourself


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Individuality Collectively Realized & Abandoned