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Ponte Nossa. 03:30

Pete Horobin in The 9th Neoist Festival: The Monty Cantsin Correspondence Adventure, 1986
Stiletto and I. After much discussion and planning began making his dormitory video. Awaking up. In the middle of the night. We took the video outside underneath Mizza's window. We played a can cassette. Increasing volume. A full moon perched on the craggs. Dogs barked in the still black. We tiptoed upstairs to Stewart's room. I woke him gently and asked him to follow me. Clutching his sleeping bag around him he shuffled. Into Mizza's room. We put on a light. Placed a lemon on an empty bed. Gave him skin creme and asked him to remove the peel by massaging the lemon. The can cassette was running. We increased the volume. Mizza did not wake up. We gave Stewart a pair of scissors. He began snipping gently. As the music got louder, he viciously stabbed the lemon. Threw the pieces at the camera. Acting very severe. I let him shuffle back to bed. We switched off the cassette and light. Mizza did not wake up. We closed the door. While planning our next stage. Stewart. Now clothed. Burst into the room and demanded we destroy the film. Or he would not talk to me ever again. I told him I would not erase the film. He accused me of making police experiments. He left. After this experience we were unnerved and I was on the edge with fatigue. We decided to go ahead. I put on the motorbike gear of Stiletto and quietly entered the dormitory where Roberto Zito and his friend were sleeping. I put on the light and just stood looking at them. The friend was immediately awake and looking at me. But he couldn't understand the situation. So he mumbled something. Then a louder comment. Roberto awoke and looked at me. Frightened. The first guy said something louder. I turned silently and put off the light and left. Then we lit a firework. A volcano. Outside the bedroom door of Graffix. Opened the door and retired. A jet of smoke and sparks gushed up. Someone shouted bastards a few times. The corridor was full of curling acrid smoke. We went to bed.