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When Censorship Works, You Don't Know it.

Don't fool yourself into thinking that this, or anything else you are exposed to, is "uncensored". The cynical and naive hacks who promote "culture" for their own self-interest use the idea of anti-censorship to lend their adopted discourses credibility, and to once again mystify a passive audience. An audience correctly expected to consume any controlled spectacle which is appropriately framed. Production is censorship. All events take the place of something else. Undesired, unmentioned, unimagined. What you will be exposed to today is designed to reinforce the functioning of a particularly narrow identity - one which is not only out of touch with really interesting "human culture", but also oblivious to the unmediated unitary experiences which lie outside of it. In short, a set of redundant gestures completely in support of the status quo, creating another illusion of freedom - repressive tolerance.

Paradise Stands In the Shadow of Swords