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Cover Photographs

Karen Eliot and Karen Eliot performing "Tricks of the Trade" at the 9th Neoist Apartment Festival, Ponte Nossa, 1985 (photograph by Martin Kamp)

Karen Eliot and Karen Eliot performing "The Grammar of Melancholy" at Wig House, Baltimore, Maryland, 1989 (photograph by Laure Drogoul)

"Neoism is a state of mind. This is why it transforms itself according to the situations it encounters. Neoism applies itself to everything, and yet it is nothing; it is the point at which all opposites collapse. We hereby declare that Monty Cantsin invented the word Neoism on 24th March 1979 at 6 p.m. We were there with our 14 children when Cantsin first uttered the word."
The Unknown Neoist