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Hello and welcome to the 100th issue of

SMILE , the international magazine of happiness and self-enslavement. SMILE is founded on external relations; its universe is textual, constituted by similarities and differences. The traveling Neoist who imitates voices and speech, facial expressions and gesticulation is the nucleus of this universe. Her voyage is camouflaged as an exploration of the semiotic zone in the episodical sequence of the medieval romance, beginning with her '*death*' as the spectacle of containment. Neoism avoids the term "mimesis," but hints at it when mentioning the ritual roots of its undertaking. The Neoist negates 'representation' and shifts the notion of mimesis to a purely linguistic level. Although this magazine presupposes language as the initial condition of its mechanism, its textual space has already expanded to such a degree that it will be capable of perpetuating itself in unlimited semiosis.
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