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"March 24"

International Neoist Day
"March 24 was a day of unexpected clarity. Chronology was removed by the recording process

A brisk walk four or five miles around the inner city, mainly through a conversation in which I explained a light sculpture and a conversation in which I explained a light sculpture which used a slide projector and looked like a floating cube of blue light in the upper corner of a room. Making music with a sequencer, a bass and a log drum. Buying and eating a whole roast beef sandwich which reminded me of Chapati Neoists and the connections between bread, life and need. A tense situation in which my friend picks up a ringing pay phone in one of the housing projects and yells to a gang of kids up the street, "Hey, do you know where wiley-boy is?" and they laugh and threaten us. Urinating under a huge overhang of a freeway bridge at night being aware of a 'security' guard watching me. Walking along a train track and bending down to look at the light reflection along the track with my eye almost touching the metal and having my friend joking "it's an electrified train rail." Saying to my friend "You know what they say about god: power corrupts." Standing on an 'X' mark drawn by my friend and looking down an alley at night to see an 'accidental' light sculpture, a skyscraper caught at an angle by city lights so that it looks like a sheet of golden light flashing up into the blank night sky. Having a conversation about 'deigetic music' and hearing my friend say it was a shame when music was ever separated from its source in time. Finding a piece of white styrofoam packing material in an alley in the shape of a 'futuristic' Bauhaus mask/headdress and carrying it or wearing it part of the way, putting it on the end of a stick at a bus stop to look like a scarecrow. Receiving a hardbound copy of "The Place of Dead Roads" signed by WSB and reading the first page. Hearing simultaneously over the phone that Nicaragua had supposedly invaded Honduras and that Libya and the U.S. were at war and becoming aware of the possibility of my own death. Listening to an idea for an installation outdoors for multiple boom-boxes with each composer playing a tape of her/his creation at a distance, arranging dates to do this. Wondering where I parked my car and walking in loops around town. Looking into a losed junk shop at 11 at night and thinking that it would be interesting to go inside. Having a conversation with a woman in a restaurant after having just seen her in a magazine photo of APT 7, next to Monty Cantsin and having her say 'you look well.' Wearing a flame shaped sliver of mirror on my forehead. Explaining my interest in grids, emphasizing the emptiness of polarity and hierarchy and the connection between complexity, chaos and the limitations of perception. Hallucinating very powerfully and without drugs a grid of images of myself moving in rows, half holding arms in 'Y' shape, half stooping to hammer nails, with the motions going in phase. Calling up tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE and regretting the potential boredom we might experience on March 24."