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Introduction -

I have to destroy these thoughts while I'm young. The arrival of a variety of energy beings from a less 'creative' dimension lying in a parking lot, looking up at the stars with huge electric lights trained on them and concrete/electronic buzzing.

He had "so much respect for silence" (view of a man locked in a white room with a blindfold on, now and again very old). The distortion of memory occuring in the present tense. Retroactive Journal entry, May 19: "letter; Dear mom, my position as God has become tenuous, may have to resign (suicide?)" Our goal is this reconciliation and more.

Increase activations, increase negations of activations, actively abstract behaviors and inject increasingly insane content into these abstractions. In this way we will achieve "life".

"1980-1990, an excellent period from which there is no escape."

The Hypnotic Movement

The Hypnotic Movement exists only through the changed and unstable rotation of psychic 'form' in timespace. The eyes in the match case are the idea of eyes, the 'you' being hypnotized is the 'idea' of an archetypical you.

The symbology represents the system of thought perspective (i.e. Hypnotic Movement) and identifies in the symbology of the 14 Secret Masters of the World (,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,) the situation of identity transfer. "I" becomes "you", "likeness" becomes "sameness" in a situation without barriers.

Our goal is this reconciliation and more, a 'scientific' and 'practical' system of thought and activity, using roughly the metaphor of metaphoricity.

Concrete Life Examples - Hypnotic Movement

Two 'situations'
  1. "toilet paper ghost situation" - activated by looking at the trash in the parking lot and moving the paper with my foot in order to make it look like "running man" and then becoming frightened and running away.
  2. related but previous "worm situation" - the 'idea' of an old anecdote produced a large worm outside the town hall. On close inspection, Monty Cantsin said to me that it looked [like] the reflection of sun on a river from an arial view.
The 'behavior'
  1. turning someone else's casual doodles into complex thought maps and cosmologies by turning them upside down and extrapolating. One result is the concept of a toy for adults: a box with a lollypop sticking out of its top which rides around on the floor and hits the user very hard in the knee.
The 'throw away slogan'
  1. "Take things one step farther by not doing them."


waking 'situation'/physical breathing/ unified structure/impedience/'fake' opening in time

yielding 'situation'/eating/real openings in time

'purpose'/activity/ blood drive

the realization that "for every proposition there exits its opposite" simultaneous with the reconciliation of all opposites.


March 24, 86

When I was trying to get to sleep I saw an apparent infinity of figures of myself arranged in a grid, with alternating horizontal rows engaged in the activities of raising their arms over their heads in a "Y" position or stooping to hammer a nail into the air. This grid of replicas moved in a complex phase relationship with the speed of each row's hammering action increasing in an 'up' direction and the "y" row slowing down in the same way. Within each horizontal, the figures were in different phases of their actions, with cycles moving left to right, a further complication.

On April 11 I made a simplified sketch of what I had seen onto glass, which a folk neoist friend suggested I might use to predict rain etc,,, from this 'activity' I 'derived' a (?) with the properties of its symbols shifting in a complex relation