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The Legitimacy of Akademgorod

Alain Napoléon Moffat, read at the 5th Neoist Apartment Festival, New York, March 1982
I'm in search of Akademgorod. I'm still searching for Akademgorod. Akademgorod is the city of scientists in Russia, in Siberia. It is a city built for destruction. It is also the city where all the brains of Russia think and create the end.

Neoists should be in search for the city of scientists, should be in search for Akademgorod.

The project is to find the city of Akademgorod and, by being there, justify the city. Neoists are living, are surviving by eating high technology.

I'm ephemerally here, in this city, to ask you to join the crusade for Akademgorod.

The goals of the crusade are to find the city and then establish the reality of Neoism into the reality of Akademgorod.

Be a part of Akademgorod.