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Index: Stewart Home, a pseudonym of: Monty Cantsin

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  1. What is an uh uh Apartment Festival, line 98:
    "Stewart Home's report of the first Festival of Plagiarism, London 1988..."
  2. Art Strike 1990-1993, line 28:
    "The Art Strike Papers, ed. b..."
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    "Stewart Home in SMILE 3, 1984..."
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    "Stewart Home..."
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    "by Stewart Home, from the book "Neoism, Plagiarism and Praxis"..."
  6. Links.html, line 212:
    "Stewart Home interview..."
  7. Links.html, line 214:
    "Review of Stewart Home's short fiction book..."
  8. Links.html, line 218:
    "Festival of Plagiarism..."
  9. Links.html, line 219:
    "Stewart Home's report of the first Festival of Plagiarism, London 1988..."
  10. Links.html, line 223:
    "Art Strike Papers..."
  11. Links.html, line 224:
    "Anthology of Art Strike manifestos and commentaries, edited by Stewart Home..."
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    "Stewart Home, in: The Festival of Plagiarism, London 1988 ..."
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    "Stewart Home in SMILE 3, 1984..."
  14. The Generation Positive and Neoism, line 41:
    "Stewart Home in SMILE 3, 1984..."
  15. Meaning, Intention, and the Neoist Conspiracy, line 45:
    "Stewart Home in SMILE 3, 1984..."
  16. A Little History, line 102:
    "Stewart Home, reprinted in SMILE vol. 63, ..."
  17. Neoism, line 17:
    "from: Stewart Home, Neoism, ..."
  18. The Neoist Path, line 24:
    "being, and all people memorizing a line of Homer as Homer. Another..."
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    "Stewart Home..."
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    "Stewart Home, Multiple Names..."
  21. new.html, line 127:
    "Writings by and about Stewart Home..."
  22. new_backlist.html, line 93:
    "Links to Spanish Art site and a Stewart Home interview..."
  23. Two girls wearing silver overalls, line 19:
    "and Stewart Home-look alike masks visited the Neoist. The Neoist treated them..."
  24. The Language of Neoism, line 35:
    "Benjamin, Debord and Home, Neoism does not try to re-gain a mirror stage; it..."
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    "Stewart Home, The Assault on Culture..."
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    "quoted in the book by: Stewart Home..."
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    "Home, Stewart Keane, Michael Morandi, Emilio ..."
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    "[Stewart Home, 12/27/89..."
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  38. Assessing the Art Strike, line 15:
    "Notes From a Talk Given by Stewart Home at The Victoria & Albert Museum, Lond..."
  39. Assessing the Art Strike, line 39:
    "There was a ludic quality to turning down publicity opportunities and remunerative offers of work - the disbelief with which..."
  40. Assessing the Art Strike, line 44:
    "Stewart Home, January 1993 ..."
  41. Critique of the Art Strike, line 17:
    "A total Art Strike has been suggested by Stewart Home and the PRAXIS Group for..."
  42. Critique of the Art Strike, line 19:
    "Stewart Home's reference to the successful "strike" of the Polish artists in t..."
  43. Critique of the Art Strike, line 41:
    "But anyway this notion collapsed at the start. A different concept took its place, one which I attribute to the initiator of..."
  44. Critique of the Art Strike, line 43:
    "It seems that for Stewart Home, the feasibility of a strike is of minor import..."
  45. Critique of the Art Strike, line 44:
    "The various forms for such a negation that Home proposes (multiple names, plag..."
  46. Critique of the Art Strike, line 46:
    "Another question is: to what extent was Home aware of the fact that he himself..."
  47. Critique of the Art Strike, line 47:
    "Home had the enormous gall to postulate a general validity for his own ideas. ..."
  48. Critique of the Art Strike, line 48:
    "Even when I pay respect to the expression of Home's opinions, I must say: this..."
  49. Critique of the Art Strike, line 49:
    "We can also say that we have to face the problem of the difference between intellectual abstraction and practical thought. W..."
  50. Critique of International Neoism, line 26:
    "Stewart Home, from SMILE no. 8..."
  51. Letters to YAWN 6, line 17:
    "...here's some info pertaining to the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art's panel discussion of the Situationist Internationa..."
  52. Letters to YAWN 15, line 15:
    "And Stewart Home, who has ..."
  53. Operation Negation Subversion, line 28:
    ""The subtitle of Stewmeat Home's 'Plagerism' reader, 'Meat as ..."
  54. No Theoretical Summing Up, line 17:
    "[Stewart Home, Art Strike Handbook, London, 1989..."
  55. Regarding the Art Strike, line 14:
    "As the movement and the direction are self-explained, cliché of felinic history will be negated at this time, relative t..."
  56. Response to Questions, line 21:
    "Stewart Home in London (who thought up the Art Strike), seems to have chosen ..."
  57. What Makes the Art Strike a Bad Idea, line 16:
    "Unknown to most people, an art strike is currently in progress on at least three continents, calling on artists "to stop making..."
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    "Art Strike Papers..."
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    "Anthology of Art Strike manifestos and commentaries, edited by Stewart Home and published by A.K. Press, ..."
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    "Home, Stewart..."