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"I was particularly disgusted by the articles in Bloatstick from San Francisco, e.g. the one that said Art Strike was white males in the service industry, etc. Well, ASAC Baltimore was 4 women and 5 men-all "white": 2 bisexual men, all bisexual women, and a gay man, 2 of whom have been unemployed (by "radical" [sic] choice) for over a year, with an extremely varied class composition-from low to high; we are all starting a collective business together and in my case, working in the service industry (i.e. photocopies) has been central to my participation in the strike via use of services which potentially could get me fired for the last 2 years! And Stewart Home, who has unfortunately become totally associated with these projects to their conceptual detriment, is a lower-middle class person who has been practically unemployed the entire time I've known him. Neither he nor I have ever encouraged anyone to work. Nonetheless, despite all that, we all consider ourselves members of privileged classes and are agitating for our own suicide."

[excerpt from a letter from Karen Eliot

This particular letter suggests the need for a somwhat demographic study of the make-up of the population interested in the Art Strike. To that end, YAWN requests that each person reading this send in a postcard containing the following information:
  1. your sex;
  2. your sexual orientation,
  3. years completed in school,
  4. years completed in college,
  5. your age,
  6. your race,
  7. your total approximate income for calendar year 1989,
  8. the major city you live in or nearest to, and
  9. whether or not you are participating in the Art Strike.
You need not answer any question you choose not to. Please answer truthfully. Do not use your name or your return address. All information received by August 31, 1990 will be tabulated and published in YAWN.
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