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Index: Dr. Al "Blaster" Ackerman, a pseudonym of The Fourteen Secret Masters of the World

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  1. Dr. Al Ackerman, line 1:
    "Ask Dr. Ackerman from the 14 Secret Masters..."
  2. The Elective Affinities, line 411:
    ""You speak of laughter," declared Dr. Ackerman, "but I can only be..."
  3. SMILE 7 index, line 22:
    "Ackerman, Al..."
  4. SMILE 7 Contents, line 35:
    "Al Ackerman, ..."
  5. SMILE 7 Contents, line 75:
    "Dr. Al Ackerman..."
  6. The White Head, line 28:
    "At the end of you Neoist tour provide documentation to Dr. Al Ackerman. (Offer no expl..."
  7. The White Head, line 30:
    "Al Ackerman, July 31, 1986..."
  8. Names, line 12:
    "Ackerman, Dr. Al..."
  9. Neoism, line 27:
    "Al Ackerman, ..."
  10. The Neoist Path, line 62:
    "Ask Dr. Al Ackerman of the 14 Secret Masters of the Universe..."
  11. SMILE, a magazine of multiple origins, line 32:
    "Blaster Ackerman's Double SMILE (re: SMILE, The Anatomy of ..."
  12. tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE Bibliography, line 173:
    " edited by: Al Ackerman..."
  13. A Mere Outline..., line 3912:
    " course. "Blaster" Al Ackerman was asked to turn on the vibrators of..."
  14. A Mere Outline..., line 4032:
    " "Santa Claus" Fonda, the ever-humorous Al "Blaster" Ackerman, Mora..."
  15. tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE movies & vaudeo, line 618:
    "#00,067: "Dr. Al Ackerman" -- shot by Randy George McWilliams..."
  16. tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE movies & vaudeo, line 620:
    "#00,068: "Dr. Al Ackerman" -- shot by Randy George McWilliams..."
  17. Simple Neoism, line 33:
    "Ackerman, Al András, Voith..."
  18. USIC minus the square of minus one, line 1138:
  19. Visitor's Comments, line 113:
    " parts about which I am indifferent (Al Ackerman's writing, for instance). I..."
  20. Visitor's Comments, line 203:
    " compelled to respect it." (But, what does this say about Ackerman?)..."
  21. Welcome.html, line 26:
    " Ask Dr. Al Ackerman of the 14 Secret Masters of the Universe..."
  22. Art Strike Bibliography, line 69:
    "Al Ackerman, c/o Wig House, 523 E. 38th St., Baltimore MD 21218..."
  23. Assessing the Art Strike, line 24:
    "Neoism was rooted in þuxus, Mail Art and Punk. I was able to transform the movement by gr..."
  24. Assessing the Art Strike, line 25:
    "By April, 1985, I was feeling frustrated. Neoism was a dead end. As a vehicle for "my"..."
  25. Critique of International Neoism, line 17:
    "On Zack's advice Kantor then emigrated to Canada, arriving in Montréal in September 1977..."
  26. Critique of International Neoism, line 24:
    "Neoism spread rapidly throughout North America and Europe precisely because its failings match tho..."
  • History Begins Where Life Ends
    "Zack, Al Ackerman and Maris Kundzin intended when they founded the..."
    "Ackerman & to become the "King of the Janitors" but his..."
    "on. According to Ackerman's recent description of those times to this..."
    "encouraged Kantor to run with it instead. Again according to Ackerman,..."
    "developed any "movement" (although, as Ackerman puts it, Zack..."
    "Al Ackerman; "Blister" Istvan Kantor; "Blester"..."