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The White Head

Neoist Performance Piece for John Berndt

Whenever you meet a Neoist or one who professes to be a Neoist etc. perform the following:
  1. 5 or 10 minutes into the meeting say in a conversational tone ""telephones and telephone bells have always made me uneasy.". (Offer no explanation for this.)
  2. Shortly before the meeting ends say in a non-conversational tone, "Its head was ...white ...all white.". (Offer no explanation for this.)
  3. Do this as many s a day as you like but always at least once a day; (if no neoists are around, you can always pretend that the person you're talking to looks like a likely candidate for Neoism.)
  4. At the end of you Neoist tour provide documentation to Dr. Al Ackerman. (Offer no explanation for this please.)
Al Ackerman, July 31, 1986

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