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Neoism is a prefix and a suffix without a middle; it consists both of axioms that are concealed as public - "Monty Cantsin", "the flaming steam iron", "Apartment Festivals" etc. - and methods to eternally derive new texts from existent Neoist writing. Neoism is divided into theoretical and practical Neoism. Theoretical Neoism includes the teaching of Monty Cantsin and the properties expressed by his multiple name, the emergence of Neoism through a step-by-step reduction of his infinity and the relation of all things to his being. It's the doctrine of how to willingly affect things through the multiple name of Monty Cantsin. This name is regarded not as an arbitrary, but a natural sign so that everything done with this sign immediately affects the object it is supposed to represent.

In the beginning, Neoism was probably nothing else but psychology, physics, ethics, politics and so on, presented through symbols and hieroglyphs in fables and allegories whose hidden meaning could only be deciphered by insiders. Later on, perhaps through revolutions, this hidden meaning got lost, and the signs were taken for their signified. Since it seemed obvious that the signs had to mean something, it was left to one's imagination to re-invent the secret meaning. The farthest-fetched analogies between signs and things were taken until Neoism became an art of raving with reason, or a systematic science based on insanity. Its great promise to willingly affect whole nature, the sublime solemnity of its proclamations had an extraordinary impact on those unenlightened by scientific thoroughness.

Monty Cantsin