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  1. Postmodern Pleasure And Perversity
    by Monty Cantsin and Karen Eliot
  2. Postmodernism: Who Gives a Fuck Anyway?
    by Christopher Maeda (re: 1)
  3. Giving Something and Getting Something Else
    by Jeff Schwartz (re: 2)
  4. WarMachine:Who Gives A Fuck?
    by Monty Cantsin and Karen Eliot (re: 2)
  5. A Note from the Editors of SMILE
    by Monty Cantsin and Karen Eliot (re: 1, 4)
  6. Dead Issues
    by Michael McColl (re: 5)
  7. The War Machine texts event
    by Juan Duchesne (re: 2)
  8. The New Art
    by Christopher Maeda (re: 5)
  9. Theory and Landscape
    by Juan Duchesne (re: 7)
  10. The C. Maeda et. al. Discussion
    by CJ Stivale (re: 2, 6, 8)
  11. SMILE/Deleuze
    by Bill Burroughs (re: 6)
  12. Cutup
    by Michael McColl (re: 11)
  13. Caveats
    by Karen Cantsin and Monty Eliot
  14. Tongue in cheek, tongues of flame
    by Wes Chapman (re: 13)
  15. What you cut up
    by Michael McColl (re: 12)
  16. Cutups
    by sheldon pacotti (re: 12, 15)
  17. Re: Digest ending 8-22-92
    by Michael Bruce McDonald (re: 14)
Many thanks to the contributors to the last issue of Postmodern Culture-Digest for providing excellent material for the next issue of SMILE. These three articles went particularly well together.

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