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Praise Bob. Praise Monty Cantsin.

My friend, Doktor Donald Prescott (well, we're really not friends anymore. I never see him or talk to him. It's been several years now. Long story) was a serious fan of Monty Cantsin back in the late eighties. We were in school at the time and I noticed something strange when the teachers began taking him aside and telling him that if he insisted upon continuing to turn all his homework in under the name Monty Cantsin, that he would not receive credit for his work. He responded by insisting we were all Monty Cantsin and that all of our grades should be added up and averaged and everyone given the same grades.

When the white coats came to take him away, he promised me that Monty Cantsin would return someday at six o'clock, "Because it's always six o'clock, Zachie! It's always six! Remember that."

And I've never forgotten. Bless your web page. May the Dobbs take a liking to you and blow you up real good. Peace and naked bunny rabbits.

Slackfully yours,

Doktor Zachary Carleton
One and only official Clone For Bob