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Postmodernism: Who Gives a Fuck Anyway?

I'd like to start a new topic. What's the point of all this? Not "What's the point of postmodernism?" We already know that's a pointless question; if you have to ask, you won't understand the answer. Very neat.

No. I want to know what is the point of the people on this list: why do you do this, why should we bother to remember you after you die? Are you trying to improve society? Destroy society? Get tenure? (Check all that apply.)

Take the "war machine" article appended below. I've read it twice and it still doesn't make a damn bit of sense. (Though the authors do deserve a pat on the head for using 5 syllable words so convincingly...) I would try again but it's so mind-numbingly boring.

I'm really annoyed. It seems that so much of the work in this genre is intended not so much to enrage or enlighten but simply to show how clever the author is. Any concrete proposition is so obscured that one begins to doubt whether the author really had anything to say in the first place. I've begun to suspect that the author usually doesn't.

From: "Finagle, etc. (Durflinger,Edward M)" <DURFLING@GRIN1.Bitnet>

the war machine
Monty Cantsin
Karen Eliot
Reprinted from "SMILE" Magazine

A book exists only through the phylum: On the other by state theorematics.

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