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It astonishes me that Bill Burroughs would not recognize the cut-up method. Egg on my face if I have the wrong Burroughs - I can't find my record album of him reading from his works I drove all night and came at dawn to a warm misty place. Barking dogs and the sound of water. Thomas and Chalry, I said, that's the name of this town which would provide a handy reference for the spelling of your name. Sea level. Where Lupita ....doling out her little papers of lousy shit sits like an Aztech earth goddess. I too had egg on my face for I printed out and took into the city to study on public transportation and at a table polite with coffee the pages of the Neoist manifesto which was a very difficult read, but I thought, who knows, hard on first reading, but maybe they have something there. Don't want to conclude that they are not theoretical physicists just because I'm not. Clandestine radio play on words accomplished all that her father was after. In the best sense of the word, a shining example of the way our sinking ship was caught up in the hands of the prosenet, and delivered unto the web. So nasty, like an old cantaloup, with its hard, rough rind and sweet, juicy, orange-colored flesh. Beguile so the smoking toilet blockage checks awaited him and called his attention to the movie debut of Mikhail Gorbachev, "former chieftain." A period of general slackening in the arts. Anything goes when there is an absence of taste, he declared. I am the postmodern modernist monument. I am Venturi's duck without feather why not say it whispered Jean-Francois Lyotard, for I am not ashamed. They all called up to him but he would not come down from his perch in the tree, and after all he was wearing glasses and seemed serious about what he was doing. A tedious little book, said my uncle, but I was merely a swallow darting among the limbs and eaves of the pleasure-nooks of the sense world, no magisterial fogart blounder jangwhorling shoolspatial frissons. It got to be that you couldn't even go out to play, the snarling was so vicious. But that's all folks, and by your leave. Shortform, with a humble adding a diction.

Michael McColl

Date: Sat, 15 Aug 92 19:30:16 EDT
From: mbm@pacscl.uarc.upenn.edu (MM)

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