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Theatre of Sorts

February 7, 1990


Attention Art-Strikers/Art scabs/Art whatevers:

You are invited to participate in an Anti-Art Performance Festival, Propaganda Bazaar & Exhibition, to be held Saturday, March 31st, at the Artichoke in Cleveland.

This Anti-Art Festival will present non-artistic work by unknown art-strikers of no global and regional significance whatsoever. Here are the guidelines: NO ART!!!

In addition, the festival will adhere to the following underlying principles:

To participate:

  1. Do not send a resume or any documentation of prior work such as photographs, newspaper articles, audio or video tapes, etc. Nobody cares what you've done in the past.
  2. Do not fill out any application forms. Paper is a precious natural resource. Why waste it on collecting inconsequential details?
  3. Anyone who would like to perform, need only call (216) 762-5018 by March 15 to reserve a space on the performance agenda. This is only to devise a schedule so that performers will know who's up next. Remember, no one will be turned away!!!
  4. Art-strikers who wish to display/trade/barter their propaganda no matter what medium (2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, zines, records, tapes, posters, etc.) need only show up that night. No calls are necessary.
This art-strike action instigated by:
Theatre of Sorts, P.O. Box 80083, Akron OH 44308

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