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Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

YAWN, "Art Strike Questions" has been written and published by the LOWER EAST SIDE NEOIST FRONT and we demand that you reprint it in your next YAWN, the entire page, or, if you use only parts of it, you make a note of the FRONT's name, it is not because we want any rights to our statements but we want people to know about our existence, if you don't make this correction in your next issue you'll be charged with suppression of information, mutilation of ideas, and you will be hanged in the Museum of Modern Art, between two Picassos, in room 16. we are serious like an orgasm

fuck neoism now, but really hard

Monty Cantsin (tel. 514/273-3412)
Ambassade Neoiste/Neoist Embassy
1020 Lajoie Ave
Outremont, Québec H2V 1N4 Canada