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The Book You Would Like to Be Written

Index of Titles

  1. A book in which the earth has no moon
  2. A book which would prove the impossibility of responding to your question
  3. The Accounts Of The Making of The Tower Of Babel
  4. A book that amalgamates Dellilo, Vonnegut, Delany, Voltaire, Adams, Clemens, Lagerquist
  5. A book that break down or breaks through the invalid assumptions that we live by...
  6. Any book "as told to" somebody else
  7. A book describing the severance of humanity from itself
  8. The book I imagine I'll one day write captures and involves the reader
  9. A book that deals with the small men under the counter
  10. Breakfast of Champions
    by Kurt Vonnegut
  11. Candide
    by Voltaire
  12. Dialogues
    by Aristotle
  13. Diaries
    by Mohammed
  14. The Farmer of Dogwich
  15. The fourth Gormenghast book
    by Mervyn Peake
  16. Written accounts from the other side of Haklyut Society documents
  17. The Inside Story On The Assasination of Adolph Hitler - The War that Never Was. (substitute Pol Pot or George Bush)
  18. A hypertextual version of Locus Solus
    by Raymond Roussel
  19. Hypertext version Love's Body
    by Norman O. Brown
  20. Mysterious Stranger
    by Sam Clemens
  21. Never Metafiction
  22. Notes on Aristotle's Dialogues
    by Plato
  23. Complete works of Pythagoras.
  24. Complete works of Sappho
  25. Of Mice and Men
    by John Steinbeck
  26. Hypertext version of the Philosophical Investigations
    by Ludwig Wittgenstein
  27. Hypertext version of The Saragossa Manuscript
    by Jan Potaki
  28. The Seven by Nine Squares
  29. The Sibyl
    by Peer Lagerquist
  30. Slaughterhouse 5
    by Kurt Vonnegut
  31. The Splendor and Misery of Bodies, of Cities, sequel to Stars in My Pocket like Grains of Sand
    by Samuel R. Delany.
  32. Subject That Cannot Be Told
  33. White Noise
    by Don Delillo
  34. Written equivalents of the oral West African epics
  35. Why not write it yourself...