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The Book I Would Like to Be Written

Date: Sat, 8 Apr 1995 07:28:06 -0400
From: Jeremy Osborn <jeremias@sover.net>

I would like "The Farmer of Dogwich" to be written. It would be a book about a young man living in New York City who decides to see a doctor about a sleeping disorder. He finds out from the doctor that he is a sleepwalker (with video footage to boot!) and that he must uncover dark secrets from beneath the streets. Our young man finds himself locked in a battle between love and destruction. Will he find a way to rid the world of evil or will the soul-sucking grey forces of Manhattan swallow him whole? Will it ever be known that our hero is nothing more than a farmer boy from Dogwich, Vermont? Keep in mind that nobody has ever revealed the secret of "The Farmer of Dogwich"