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Replying to Contradictions:

At first it must seem nothing more than contra-distinctions or contrary-instinctions of the sort now-commonly noted in the advertising-academic complex, about which we pluralists should be warned, though it is not our business to do anything but simultaneously paint ourselves and others into the same or similar corners, of the white room, with the expandable walls, anext the vertiginous garden.

An overview from there: nothing unimaginable has happened--the forms alone have created the illusion of time passing. We continue to inhabit the dream. Even to the point of not awakening to the splash of water in the face.

The irony within this contradiction is the effective (affected) energy of coherence used to make the slide of incoherence. A having and an eating, cake too! And to be treated as the silliness which it is, as a mirror of the silliness which it wishes, by posing, to overcome.

A shadow is a shadow whether or not a maid claims or declaims or disclaims it. Something is the silence of the shadow's opinion. The shadow is the maid's noose to fame. And not a moment too loose!

It is lovely to love the maid and to beloved by her. in )just( spring. . . read olence.

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