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Re-plying the waters which divide the inseparable lands, which have and will move, though just slowly enough to seem not to, and that is the way it is with text and context which are distinctions without grounds. This maid theorizing upon the groundlessness of sense while still purveying is something not devoutly to be wished, but something more daringly to be glimpsed in passage between everything at one end of the corridor and everyhing at the other end of the corridor once you are already making your way. And that! is! is not! the case! And all! else! is! is not! power-mongering! To announce that eye have no ego is to announce that eye have one big enough to best yours even if your are me while eye am you.

Shall we thrust-dance?

Shall oui or shall non?

The root of recognition is rhythm(ic).

If this appears to you to be divided then you are being bemused in a situation in which there cannot be a line between clarity and obscurity because either both are or both are not and neither is. That is the point of the fix she and I find ourselves in, just as the wind is coming out of the arctic and things are getting down to cold cold shivering facts and the unbending and unfolding are edgeworthy and wait-worthy and lightworthy, hallelujah! An organic something swallows itself with seasoning of itself and occasions yes this and do it and carefully does it ... soooooooooooooo

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