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The force of something is not cheerless. As with all ideas which clothe themselves too soon as fads, something suffer(s)(ed) from personal vaunt and scholasticism. the first puddle and the first shadow were forgotten in pursuit of (im)pure recognition of claim. And there begins the sorry story which too often mars the engagement of apparentists with the medium of their communion. That medium is the interplay of light and shadow upon and including the reflective water (puddle).

Oh yes!

The end is the middle. Apparency is a procedure through a space creating timewakes. That procedure is an ever-renewing source played over an ever-changing wound. When apparency heals, the maids laugh. The force of misdirection is direct.

The something of agenda and prop-agenda and act-agenda are now as fallen leaves. The spring of something is invisible re-action to the rising of the saps.

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