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The Inquiry into the Text:

is of greatest interest to each and all, whether from the beginning anticipated or from the end decoded. What is intended is not, of course, necessarily what is revealed, even in the most univocal of situations. There is always a penumbra (which delights every apparentist) for there is the unobserved motion and the force field required for the art of apparency, which is the art of the text.

That is to say, the effort to see/say in words of a sequence, which is indeed what we are talking in & about, is both inherently and sufficiently enpaused, riddled with air, rift with reticules, in short baggaged and bagged, as to be already a force with gestes even as she speaks. And even as eye, the first time, enhear her. myself, sum it all up, as long as the occasion endures.

Thus ever was it about -; think chiseling as a mode of praise, and tagging as a means of fate/fame.

All apparentists know that it is touch and go!

With spendid acknowledging do we listen to and almost understand one another awhile. Now that we put up front the complexity of translation and transmission as equal partners in the handheld dance.

Nothing admitted, nothing framed.

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