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The modes of discourse

create their own (pseudo) answers. Only illusionary movement can take place within the existing frameworks. Consequently, our actions towards revolutionary movement must find their basis in the undermining of existing (i.e., accepted) forms of discourse. To this end, we formulate (meta)nihilism as a point of departure, not because we 'believe' in it, but because it is a tentatively convenient position on the self-reflexive extreme of the mode of discourse (the 'contradictory'). We will 'progress' 'beyond' this 'reference' point only in that we intend to deconstruct the underlying capitalist power relations which caused its materialization (from the historical negation of radical inertia with pseudo-leisure in the first place). We have no illusions that meaning can continue in some way to 'progress' or can be done away with instantaneously-we impassively address the illusionary 'progress' of the 'human condition' and 'desire' its cessation. We aim for an (in)active refusal of the suppression of (in)active refusal. And clearly, the reason that these ideas seem negative or empty is that they are articulated in a self-supporting context which they attempt to undermine, and which, by its intrinsic nature cannot tolerate their attachment to the 'value' of 'meaning' (linguistically, logically or otherwise). This intrinsic suppression of radicality, when fully understood, provides the motivating 'level' of speculation which supports our critique of the modes of discourse. But all 'levels' of separation are illusionary, returns to the sphere of bourgeois power-relations.