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Glamour is the Pretext
Privilege is the Subtext


The Elite suck, that's the rage
So what's this stuff we see of late?
Those who rage on the Underground stage
Then strut-their-stuff on the Social Page-

What's this Stuff that they Strut?
Who stops the Buck while they suck it up?

It's fierce and rash to slam their cash
To condemn their stash then grab their flash-
It all depends on where they point their lenses-
Their Media Sucks till it sucks you up!

Their Media sucks, until it lets you strut,
Until it sucks you up, then who stops the Buck?

What's the point of giving it the Slam
If you turn around and play the Glam?
You become a model for the values you throttle,
Playing along with the Chic Mystique Boutique
Where's your rage when you're on their page?

    Social Values       Social Page
    Social Privilege    Social Page
    Social Status       Social Page
    Social Complicity   Social Page

Their Elite sucks-until who sucks who up?

The Legend is cash