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< H1>The Good of TV
It seemed stupid to me for those two men to break the two televisions in order to turn them off. Didn't they know the television has a knob to turn of the trash and undesirable?

I'm in my middle 80s. I turn off most sports, all movies (unless they are true stories) and all comedies, and lots of other trash.

In my arm chair and by my television I have explored the Arctic and Antarctic, and climbed to the top of Mount Everest and skied down with a parachute.

Tonight I'm going two and an half miles to the ocean bottom and have a brief tour of the Titanic that sank so tragically in 1912. I have taken tours of most countries of the world, to see the animals in their own habitat, to meet some of the people, see how they dress, what crops they raise, what they eat and their religious beliefs.

I have visited museums, cathedrals, historical places, I was at King Tut's tomb when they opened it. I have swum over coral beds and seen the creatures living there, as well as larger fish and whales and the cunning sea otters in the kelp beds.

I have seen the devastation of volcano, tornadoes and earthquakes. But it is too bad that most people like to be entertained by trash instead of watching the better programming. TVs are wonderful if used in the right way.

[Iowa City Press-Citizen, 4/28/90, 9A, "Letters to the Editor"